"This doctor has incredible knowledge and skills, is very passionate, and shows great respects and care to his patients.  I have accumulated back pains over years which became so severe recently that I had to be on pain relievers on a regular basis.  I went to see Dr. Wang.  He was so quick to diagnose the problem and located the pain spots on my back.  I received a combined treatment of Chinese acupuncture and message.  My back pain was significantly reduced after just one treatment and was disappeared after a second visit.  I am so glad that I am now able to walk and run normally as others and I no longer need to take any pain pills.  His follow up calls are even more touching.  I know that I definitely will go back to him should I need any additional helps."

~Zuoxin W. (Verified Patient)

"Dr. Wang is a very caring doctor.  He cured my chronic headaches!"

~Doug M. (Verified Patient)

"I consulted Dr.Wang for stress.  I felt relaxed and peaceful during and after each treatment. Today I am handling the big and small stresses and challenges of life with greater ease. Always punctual, Dr. Wang is a very compassionate and caring doctor. I really recommend him as I had a great experience."

~Marie K. (Verified Patient)

Dr. Wang was very accommodating, my dad had a lot of back pain and he agreed to come see my dad on a Sunday night after a long trip of his own. He has proved himself as a man with outstanding character and talent. His generosity and willingness to go out of his way for his clients speaks volumes about his role as a caretaker. Thank you Dr. Wang.

--Lena A. (Verified Patient)

I had left knee problem for quite a long time. I had seen several doctors and tried a variety of treatments without any success. After hearing a good recommendation from friends, I went to see Dr. Wang for a try. To my surprise, the pain was significantly reduced by his acupuncture. After a couple of visits/treatments, the knee problem is gone and since then has been not bothered me! I am also very impressed by his rich knowledge and outstanding skills, as well as his deep care for his patients. He is truly a great doctor and I felt lucky to have the opportunity to be treated and cured by him!

--Yann L.(Verified Patient)

Dr. Hui Wang is a very patient and professional doctor who has treated me for the past several months for insomnia and nervous, etc.. Through his treatment I can sleep at least 7 hours a night without medication. In the past, it’s very hard for me to fall asleep and I always feel nervous and tied. I feel completely relaxing because of his caring and understanding in treating my condition. He always takes time to answer questions and evaluate my progress. I highly recommend Dr. Hui Wang because my condition which the result of stress has been greatly reducing and continues to get better with every treatment. Moreover, his art of healing and advanced peaceful office is the top acupuncture clinic among Atlanta area.

--Jing W. (Verified Patient)

I'm very pleased with Dr Wang's work. I felt that I was going to have to live with the pain. But because of Dr Wang I feel much better. No pain,!!
~Charles J. on July 27, 2015 (Verified Patient)

Dr. Wang is a really good acupuncturist. He has both excellent skills and rich knowledge and were super patient when I had so many questions, which totally change my overall impression on physicians. I had knee pain for many years, every time when get tired or when the weather changes, I would have pain, and I did so many times of knee x-ray, but nothing shows wrong. I had no hope to get this problem solved. But I feel such a difference after Dr. Wang's acupuncture treatment, after several times, I don't feel being bothered anymore. This brings me to highly recommend Dr. Wang. He is super!!!

~O Ha (Verified Patient)

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