Wang Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinic

Insurance Information

  •  Many health insurance companies have benefit coverage, such as discounts, for acupuncture treatments.
  •  We accept  PPO insurance plans that don't need a referral, just pay that co-pay amount that showed  

           on  your card( we need your insurance information for submit a claim to your insurance company).

  •  If your insurance is HMO plan, the acupuncture is not covered, but, just show your insurance card, we will give you discount.
  • Acupuncture is a covered medical expense under FSA (flexible spending account)  and it is a covered expense for HSA (Healthcare Savings Account).
  • The costs of acupuncture is generally considered deductible as medical expenses. Please consult your tax adviser for more details.
  • If you don’t have health insurance, just call us and we will give you  discount .
  • To find out what coverage your insurance plan offers, just simply fill out this FORM and click 'submit'. We will contact you within 48 hours about your insurance coverage and co-payment information. Or you can bring your insurance card to my office, and we will work with your insurance company on your coverage. We want to help you get the most benefit from your insurance plan.​
  • For auto-accident injury clients, please also fill out the above form. We can help you complete insurance claim forms for you to get benefits from your car insurance.


  • Initial consultation and treatment $ 95
  • Follow up visit $ 75

- Flat rate fees are charged for each clinic visit.

- The first visit usually needs about one and a half hours; follow up visit is usually one hour.

- Patients pay extra for herbs prescribed and ordered from us.

- If you have any diagnosis and medical records, such as blood test report, EEG report, X-ray MRI report or film, please bring them with you to our office on first visit, or email them to us (

Payment methods
Payment is expected at the time of service. We accept cash, check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, JCB, Diner’s Club, and ApplePay for payment.